Monday, March 14, 2011


today the boys are at my parents while i take some time to do "moving" type things like work on sorting through and organizing our garage (what to keep and bring, what to keep and store, what to throw out and what to sell). 
i took a break this afternoon to do some baking because, truly, i love to bake but it is difficult sometimes with my sweet boys running around needing and wanting my attention. 
so i baked joy the baker's zucchini sweet potato bread and i had left over grated zucchini so i made zucchini muffins. i also got to use my agave nectar for the first time in these muffins.
the first batch is out and i already ate one two.

nothing beats a homemade baked good. (the bread smells AMAZING by the way. it's got 15 more minutes so the jury is still out on how it turns out, but come the baker? i bet it's ridonculously delicious.)

 edited the next morning: ps the bread? utter deliciousness. i want to eat it all.

you can find joy the baker's bread here.
and the weelicious zucchini muffins here.


  1. i love this! your blog is just darling!

  2. zucchini and agave? Sounds like my kinda recipe :)
    I really shoulda taken today off and come to hang out/help you out!
    Miss ya sista


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