Wednesday, March 9, 2011


the past week i've found it difficult to stay on top of this picture taking thing. 
it's not that i haven't been doing anything worth photographing, it's just that i've been too busy to photograph it all!
yesterday we had jacob over in the morning, then naps, then ran a couple errands and then zipped off to elijah's birthday party at fun works in kitchener where we stayed and endured mad chaos with a bazillion children until past the boys bedtimes. came home, put them to bed, cleaned up.
oh, did i mention our dishwasher broke the day before jamie left us for 4 days? yeah. that.
so dishes. plech.
then today we did the Y thing, went to jen's house and stayed there 'til dinner, rushed home, cleaned up for the lovely ladies coming over at 8pm tonight, made cupcakes, cleaned up a bit more, rearranged our living room, had some of my favourite ladies over, they went home, iced the cupcakes, sent them back with jen, sorta cleaned up and gave up on the rest.

so it's been busy to say the least.


  1. You even make a sink of dirty dishes look tranquil...

  2. Ah, and I see my name mentioned a few times... all of you doing something for moi! I am a most grateful friend!! Not to mention that your dishwasher is also broken, and you made a great mess on my account!


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