Tuesday, March 8, 2011


today i watched my friend suzanne's son, jacob for a couple of hours.
jamie commented to me,

three isn't so hard. we could totally do three

(my evil plan is working...)


  1. BAAAHHH I LOVE THIS POST COMBINED WITH THIS PHOTO...and your sneaky extra small comment on the bottom hahahaha! love it. Bring on the nephews/neices(?) hehe!

  2. hahahah YES!
    Well done, and good idea!

  3. Yes, I probably shouldn't have written "evil" - as I think it's a pretty darn good plan. :)

  4. too cute! Jamie looks like he's adored by these kiddos in this pic! Thanks again! Although I'm sad I missed out on this fun!! :)

  5. Oh yes, three is no problem. You TWO can totally do it. And I love that picture so much! :)

  6. i think this is a splendid idea.
    i would even be willing to fly to uganda to lend a hand.

    i'm an awesome friend. ha!

  7. LOVE your evil plan! Jamie looks good with three - he can handle it!

  8. Um, Aban, if you did that - WOW. I would love it if you just came to Uganda. More for me to see you, than for you to help out...but I'd take the help too! :)
    love you!

  9. (smile). :)

    Great picture, by the way.

    I think I'm just about ready for #3 too.



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