Thursday, March 3, 2011

goose egg

i do well when i have a plan for meals. without it i flounder and eat bad food and feel crappy because i ate bad food.
but when i have a plan - the outcome is usually really good.
today's lunch: wagon wheel pasta in a cheesey cream sauce with sauteed red peppers and onions, tossed with corn and cubes of ham. it.was.delish. (but apparently i was the only one who thought so as jude rejected it and noah refuses pasta in general. oh well. more for me!)
today's dinner: mini meat loves with creamy mashed potatoes and a large pile of steamed broccoli. YUM. the entire family enjoyed these. the original recipe says to put the meat loaf mixture into muffin tins but i pushed the boundaries of "mini" and put the mixture into MINI muffin tins. oh yes i did. and they were perfect for the boys. they each ate 3. jamie and i ate 2 regular sized muffin meat loaves although now jamie says he's never eating muffins that i make because all he's going to think about is meat. and meat + banana muffin is kinda disgusting. but i promise i cleaned them really well. also i chopped up about a cup of fresh spinach and threw it into the meat mixture. it was perfect and no one noticed. 
and then we all went out to marble slab for some ice cream to use an about to expire coupon for a free ice cream cone. i had a key lime/cheese cake coconut mixture. it was refreshing. jamie had his usual cheesecake ice cream with raspberry mixins and noah picked chocolate swiss with marshmallow mixins. jude sampled all of ours. 
speaking of jude, the little rascal just absolutely MUST walk everywhere. no more carrying. none of that, thankyouverymuch. today after i opened the garage door he had scooted underneath it and started barrelling toward the roard with nary a concern. until he tripped and fell and smashed his head onto the asphalt and got a goose-egg bump on his head. poor fella. thanks to some awesome arnica it's not as huge as it was this morning and hopefully it won't bruise too badly (but that's wishful thinking i know). 


  1. mmm keylime and coconut sounds delish...AND refreshing :)

  2. Our 4-year-old fell about a week ago - from the top of a picnic table! It scared me to death. She had a BIG goose egg on her forehead and lots of blood around her nose and mouth. Thankfully, it's about 90% cleared up now.

    Thanks for the mention of arnica. I need to research that.


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