Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my boy

i am so blessed to have noah as my son.
he is all-at-once a challenge and a joy. 
he is a growing-too-quickly boy;
a cuddly, sweet, tender boy.
last night my mom brought the boys back home after having them for all of monday and tuesday.
at one point i picked up noah and just carried him around on my hip.
i put him down to get him a drink.
once he got his drink he wandered back to me and asked me to pick him up again.
i willingly obliged. 

the boys are happy we've pulled out the crocs and both have been wandering around the house wearing them.
{...waiting for spring.}
after i helped jude with one of his crocs, noah came over to me;
now take a picture with ME in it!



  1. oh my smiling warm and fuzzy heart! This photo reminds me of when he was a lot closer to the ground! *tear* they grow up so fast

  2. SO CUTE!
    ps. I LOVE this pic of Noah ;D


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