Wednesday, March 23, 2011

shelter from the storm

we all have storms in our lives. 
for some people it seems like the storm barely subsides before another one rages in.
for others there are many, many moments before the next storm.
but we all have storms.

today i looked out my window to see at least a dozen robins huddling in the branches of the tree in the corner of our yard.
poor robins.
they had no idea this wicked storm would hit just days after our balmy 10 degree weather.

i was forced out of the storm of good byes and packing and details of our move just today with someone else's storm. 
a scary, life-altering, family-changing storm.
thank you Jesus that you are the calm in all our storms - no matter what they be. 
and thank you that you provide shelter from the storms that shake us to the core of our being - especially those that come out of nowhere.


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