Sunday, March 6, 2011


oh jude. you are my little rascal.
today you:
learned how to put your hands in your pants pockets and proceeded to waddle around like a penguin. it made me laugh.
ate 4 large bowls of yogurt and got so excited when i pulled out the container, shouting "BU-BEH!" (that's blueberry in toddler speak - even though it was strawberry yogurt.)
rubbed peanut buttery hands in your hair right after dumping a whole bowl full of cheerios all over the floor.
got really upset when we took away the gigantic booster juice that jamie had purchased for me and him to share. you ran away with the cup in your hands in the middle of the mall, sucking up as much smoothie as quickly as you could.
did really well in the nursery at church - hooray!
jumped and flung yourself over both me and your daddy.
waved and smiled at complete strangers at the mall.
pointed to the camera and said "cheese!".
so we took a self shot.

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